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We are passionate about raising the global awareness of our young learners and are looking into new ways to promote environmental and conservational issues. We want our children to grow into global citizens who will protect their planet, becoming true custodians of our earth.

We have been working in alliance with other primaries across the north west to plan curriculum projects in which conservation is the main focus. Working in partnership with the Ignite TSA has allowed us to build links with Chester Zoo and we are looking forward to strengthening this network over the coming years. We hope to annually plan and partake in an eco-project which will  stay with our children forever.

In Summer 2018,  our first whole school conservation project came to fruition. We chose to become part of the 'Sing for Songbirds' campaign. Find out more here:

Watch our short video: Singing for Songbirds 2018

Summer 2019 saw the whole school focus on local wildlife as we all took part in Chester Zoo's 'Wildlife Connections' project. Find out more here:

Watch our short video: Wildlife Connections 2019:

We have been pleased with the response from pupils who want to help lead the projects and we now have 20 'Zooples' who will use their voices to guide the work that we do.

Parents have also expressed how much they enjoy supporting the projects and we have a team of Zoopps who are always ready to get involved.