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The new curriculum has opened up some exciting new opportunities at Prescot Primary. We have recently invested in the Inspire Maths course for KS1 and 2. Click on the attachments below to read about the theory behind the curriculum.

Children are encouraged to explain their thinking and the use of mathematical language and speaking in full clear sentences is part of the daily routine. This is an integral part of using the Inspire Maths materials. The children have access to a variety of resources, enabling them to deepen their mathematical understanding and assist them in their learning throughout KS1 and 2. Application of their knowledge is essential, this helps to prepare children for real life. Problem solving is built into the Inspire Maths programme and not only builds resilience to life in general, but also enables the children to consider a sensible and logical starting point on which they can build.

Look at the Maths programmes of study here:

This website has a variety of mathematical challenges that the children can try at home: