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At Prescot Primary, we value how our children learn just as much as what they learn. Every year, as our children grow, we promote many learning behaviours that help them to succeed, including perseverance, independence, communication, curiosity and the ability to learn from their mistakes. We also recognise that many factors can influence how children approach their learning and how they behave during lessons, on the playground and in clubs. We always strive to keep each child’s individual emotional and behavioural needs in mind.

However, we have high expectations for pupil behaviour and have rigorous systems in place to support our children through school. The children are made aware of these systems through ‘Learning Lighthouses’ or ‘Ladder of Consequences’, depending on their age. Usually, pupils respond well to these classroom systems and they reflect and change their behaviour accordingly. All staff members understand the importance of praise and encouragement, positive language and modeling when working with young children.

However, if a child continues to behave in a way that is potentially disrupting their own learning/play or that of others, we will involve other members of staff. eg: their Phase Leader or a member of the Inclusion or Senior Management Team. Usually at this point, we would contact parents/carers and invite them to come in for a meeting to discuss ways in which we can support the child further. We can complete ‘Behaviour Report Cards’ which closely monitor, record and review behaviour over the course of a week. We also have a range of strategies that support pupils to have successful playtimes. However, communication with our parents/carers is key; we must have a shared understanding of the issues and circumstances that often trigger disruptive or concerning behaviour.

We are an inclusive school and believe in all of our children. We understand that each learning journey that begins at birth has it’s own successes and challenges. We know that families put their trust in us to support their children in making the most of their time in school – being the best that they can be.

We respect the partnership that we have with our parents and carers and we do our best to respond to  any concerns as quickly as we can. 

Behaviour Policy