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Our handwriting is very personal, a part of our self-image and an expression of our personality, just as the way we dress and present ourselves is. We all have a view on how our handwriting appears to others and would sometimes like that image to be different!

Why is handwriting important?

  • Handwriting is a physical way of expressing thoughts and ideas and a means of communicating with others.
  • Handwriting is part of our daily lives. It is on    show to others.
  • Without  fast and legible handwriting, students may miss out on learning opportunities and  under-achieve academically.
  • Most employment situations will involve at least some handwriting.

However, handwriting is a very complex skill to master, one which involves linguistic, cognitive, perceptual and motor components, all of which have to be coordinated into an integrated fashion. Although we take it for granted, some people, young and old, find handwriting very difficult to perform and feel they need help to perfect the skill. 

(Taken from the National Handwriting Association's website:

At Prescot Primary, we follow the 'Read, Write Inc Handwriting' scheme from Nursery. See below for specific guidance.