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It is our aim to excite our children about the past, to engage them in conversations that help them to learn from the past and know how changes have lasting consequences that we can see around us today. We want to ignite their curiosity and support them in asking increasingly perceptive questions, weighing evidence  and drawing conclusions. Throughout the chosen projects, each year group will build and inter-leave key historical concepts and skills such as chronology, significance, comparison and the effective use of historical vocabulary.

Our themed projects include historical spotlights on The Great Fire of London, Sea Explorers, Space Travel,  Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt and Maya and also the lives of children during WW2.

Visits and visitors are important in making these learning experiences meaningful and memorable, as are the interactive activities that are planned in to help bring an era to life. 'Scholarship' reading is encouraged to help children fit these historical episodes into a meaningful chronological context.

A local study project based on a landmark, area or theme associated with Prescot is explored during a whole school focus week. The children look at the historical significance of this richly historic town in which they live and learn.

Alongside the projects, each year group studies a significant British monarch; they will explore how their reign was important to Britain, the changes that were introduced and the lasting consequences of them. William the Conqueror, King John and Elizabeth II are some of the monarchs that the children will get to know.

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Y4 showcase 1066!

Y3 Tribal Tales