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Our geography curriculum aims to inspire our young learners to find out more about the world in which they live and the people that live in it. We want to grow their curiosity and support our children to explore the diversity of people and places; we want them to broaden and deepen their geographical knowledge about physical and human environments and key processes. Our geography curriculum builds awareness of maps, scale and digital mapping technologies and the confidence to use specific technical vocabulary.

Our local studies focus on our home town of Prescot; how the land is used, how we get around, how the changes in industry have altered the landscape and how it connects and compares to other settlements nearby and further afield.

We build and interleave these concepts throughout our year group projects. The geographical spotlight allows our children to study: cities, rivers, farming, tourism and the impact of climate and other physical processes, amongst other areas. 'Scholarship reading' is encouraged to enable our children to make further links between topics and fill gaps in their knowledge.

In addition, our children focus on 'visiting' one country each year. This allows the children to explore countries all over the world, becoming familiar with different continents, cities, climates and identities.

On our travels, we visit the UK, USA, India, Greece, Australia, Egypt and Mexico. 

Find the Geography programmes of study here: