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Covid-19 Updates

Monday 11th January 2021

In line with the most recent government guidance, issued on Friday 8th January, even if you are a critical worker, if your children can remain at home rather that attend school or Nursery, on some, or all days, then they should. Please only use the offer of provision when it is crucial for you to undertake your critical role, and when you have no other childcare option available to you.

The full content of this letter can beviewd by clicking here.


Wednesday 6th January 2021


Dear Parents or Carers,

We find ourselves in a strong position to provide a robust approach to remote learning for all of our children in school. This lockdown is very different from the one that began last March. Compulsory primary school aged children are expected to complete approximately 3-4 hours of learning per day. Our teachers will be sharing timetables and setting purposeful tasks that meet the requirements of the EYFS/National Curriculum for each year group. We expect that children will complete the tasks and show evidence of their work to their teachers. If we feel that your child is not engaging, we will be in touch to see how we can help.

The full content of this letter can be viewed by clicking here.


Sunday 3rd January 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

Happy new year. We hope you have all enjoyed some peaceful family time over the festive  break.

There has been much news coverage over the weekend regarding the opening of primary schools and this seems to be an ever-changing picture.

The current situation of our school allows us to continue with our expected plans. 

We will therefore be OPEN tomorrow (Mon 4th Jan) to all year groups except Nursery. 

Nursery will remain closed for the first week back and we have sent a separate email to Nursery parents.

We would like to remind parents and carers of some of the main points of our risk assessment

To keep our school community safe:

  • Do not send your child to school if they are displaying symptoms of COVID-19.

  • Report any positive cases as soon as possible either by email or phone, 0151 432 7100.

  • Abide by the restrictions of the appropriate tier for Knowsley - currently Tier 3.

  • Get tested:

  • Be prepared to pick up your child immediately if we need to close a class bubble.

  • Drop off at the gate (unless your child is N or R). Be as quick as you can to avoid congestion.

  • Pick up at your designated time and place. Be on time.

  • Wear a mask when on school grounds.

  • Do not congregate, please be as quick as you can.

  • Avoid the main office if possible. Phone or email if you can.

  • Download the Arbor app and register to activate our booking and cashless payment system.

  • Follow @PrescotPrimary on Twitter for the most up-to-date information.

  • Reassure your children and send them into school with a smile. A positive attitude makes all the difference.

  • Get in touch if you have any concerns over your child’s wellbeing.

We would advise that parents and carers be aware of the uncertainties around the current situation. It would be prudent to consider your potential childcare arrangements should we be unable to open at any point over the coming weeks or months.

In the meantime, we look forward to welcoming the children back to school.

See you tomorrow.


17TH December 2020


Communication of a positive case after Friday 18th December 2020.

Please inform school of a positive case up until midday on Monday 21st December by emailing

• Schools will only need to know of a positive test result for your child in the following two situations:

  1. a)  Your child was in school for any period within the two school days (48 hours) before the school broke up and

    they developed symptoms ( a new persistent cough; a high temperature or a loss of smell and taste)


  2. b)  Your child was in school for any period within the two school days (48 hours) before the school broke up and they returned a positive COVID-19 test from one of the Liverpool City Regions mass asymptomatic testing sites and has received a confirmatory PCR test.

• To inform school in the cases above only please follow the school’s procedures for reporting cases by emailing up until midday on Monday 21st December.

In cases of emergency, when you are unable to follow the school’s procedures, and strictly only to report possible school contact in the 48 hour window mentioned above you can contact 0151 443 4712 or
This number is not a helpline and cannot be used for any other reason or for advice.

If you require any other advice over the Christmas period or for cases that do not overlap the period of your child being in school and the school breaking up please contact know/

• The council has also set up a Community Support and Volunteer Line. It is helping Knowsley residents who need additional support during the outbreak and coordinating offers of help for those who are wanting to volunteer their time or services to help those in need in their local community. page1image748524352 page1image748524640 


3rd November 2020 - Welcome Back from Knowsley Council


Dear Parent / Carers,

I hope you have had a restful half term holiday and are all ready for a new half term of learning. I hope very much that the half term goes well for you all and I thank you for all that you are doing to support your child’s education.

I know that these are challenging and anxious times for us all and once again I commend the work undertaken by our schools and our families to maintain teaching and learning in safe and supportive environments. I have seen lots of examples on social media of great learning happening in our schools and at home. I hope very much that we will be able to build upon this as we move into the second part of the Autumn term.

Keeping good attendance when we can is now more important than ever; schools have worked hard to complete risk assessments and put measures in place to make school settings safe and this means that across Knowsley many children and young people are attending school regularly and achieving great things.

Thank you to all the children, young people and families that have, so far, maintained good attendance. I know a small minority of you remain concerned about sending your child into school, and I would urge you to discuss this with a member of staff. I am sure they will be keen to work with you to address your concerns and make sure your child does not have any unnecessary breaks in their education.

We know that at present COVID-19 continues to spread in our community, so now, more than ever we must continue to work together to do all that we can to stop it, keep each other safe and well and reduce the demand within our hospitals.

With cases also increasing nationally, you will be aware that the Prime Minister announced a national lockdown on Saturday 31 October, which comes into force on Thursday 5 November. Whilst there are no changes for schools or colleges, several new measures have been introduced across the wider community as part of this second lockdown. These measures are designed to reduce the chance of transmission in the community.

The ‘new’ national measures mean that once again non-essential shops, leisure centres, hairdressers, pubs and restaurants will all close (supermarkets and food shops will remain open). The restrictions will be reviewed on 2 December 2020 and you can read the full guidance around the restrictions on the Government’s website.

Schools will remain open for all pupils who are able to attend. To keep school a safe place it is important that we remain alert to the signs and symptoms of COVID19 and follow the guidance from Public Health. This includes:

3rd November 2020

  • Staying at home if you have symptoms – a high temperature, new or persistent cough, loss of taste or smell – and book a test through or ring 119. Other members of your household need to stay at home until your test result comes back.
  • If your result is negative, you (and other people in your household) no longer need to self- isolate. If it is positive, you need to self-isolate for 10 days from when you started with symptoms or from the date that you had your test if you don’t have symptoms and others in your household need to self-isolate for 14 days from when your symptoms developed / the date of your test.
  • Wear a face covering when dropping off / picking up from school and other places such as shops, on public transport, in taxis and in hospital settings. (unless exempt)
  • Leave the school premises when you have dropped off / pick up – don’t congregate in groups on the playground.
  • Continue to regularly wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Maintain a 2m distance between you and others.
  • Limit social interactions with others. As part of the lockdown restrictions, you can’t mix with
  • people from other households (unless they are part of your support bubble) in any indoor
  • setting or private garden.
  • Remember to carry a tissue to catch coughs and sneezes. Bin the tissue and wash your
  • hands afterwards.

Thank you once again for your continued support, I hope you all stay safe and well this half term.

Yours faithfully

Jill Albertina
Assistant Executive Director (Education & Early Help)

22nd October 2020 - Safety During Half Term Letter from Knowsley Council

20th October 2020 - Covid - 19 (Coronavirus) Absence. A quick guide for parents /carers.