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Be Bright Be Seen

Autumn 2020

Dear Parent / Guardian, 


One of the greatest threats to the life of your child is the risk of becoming a victim of a road crash. Every year more than 19,000 children in Britain are killed or injured in road traffic collisions. 

You will be aware that the clocks will be set back an hour on Sunday 25th October, signalling the end of British Summer Time. When the dark nights draw in, visibility for drivers and pedestrians is reduced and your child becomes even more vulnerable near roads. 

To help raise your child’s awareness of this issue, their teacher has been discussing the importance of being visible during daytime and in the evening. Brightly coloured clothing shows up well in daylight but as it goes dark, they need reflective clothing or accessories to be seen in car headlights. 

Your child’s school is also taking part in our ‘Be Bright, Be seen’ Competition and will have shared the entry sheet with you. This competition provides a good opportunity to talk with your child about their increased vulnerability at this time of year and discuss the importance of the advice given above. 

Feel free to help them to be creative with their designs, bearing in mind their backpack will have to be bright and reflective to be visible during the day and after dark. They can use lots of colour and they can stick shiny or sparkly things to the bag! If you don’t have access to a printer your child can still take part, a drawn outline on plain paper will work just as well. 

Please return their work to their class teacher by Friday 13th November and we will award a prize to the winning entry for each class. 

If you would like to discuss this, or any other road safety education matter, please don’t hesitate to the Road Safety Team by email at 

Yours faithfully, 

Senior Road Safety Advisor