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Staff Teams

STAFF TEAMS 2019 - 2020

Senior Leadership Team

Stephen George  - Headteacher

Lisa Seddon – Deputy Headteacher

Emma George – Assistant Headteacher for EYFS

Neil Jones - Assistant Headteacher for Teaching and Learning


Inclusion Team

Emma George - EYFS SENDCo

Julie Hewitson - KS1/KS2 SENDCo

Rosemary Moffatt – Learning Mentor

Frances Collis – Learning Mentor

Lisa Chae – Playtherapist

Michelle Cunningham – SEN Champion

Wendy Colbeck - Councillor

Zoe Atkins – SPLD support


Administration Team

Suzanne Hulme – Senior Administrator

Patti Soo  - Administrator

Angela Leath - Administrator

Fay Cargin - Apprentice


Site Management Team

Collette Higgs – Site Manager

Eileen Jeffery

Mandy Almond

Sue Mathison

Donna Mahoney


Kitchen Team

Pauline Riley – Catering Manager

Mary Fass

Angela Millward

Linda Sullivan  

Carmel McCulloch


Breakfast and After School Club Team

Kath Boadey – ASC Manager and HLTA

Dianne Bennett - ASC

Lucy Herbert - BC and ASC

Claire Spence - ASC

Andrea Baldwin - BC

Dora Donachie - BC


Nursery Team

Emma George – Nursery Teacher. SLE for EYFS.

Helen Wilson - Nursery Teacher

Julie Furlong - TA

Keris Furlong - TA

Rebecca Kilshaw - TA


Reception Team

RC - Briege Campbell-Syers – Reception Teacher

RD - Claire Davies – Reception Teacher

Debbie Smith - HLTA

Gina Holland - TA

Andrea Parry - TA

Rebecca Kilshaw - TA

Michelle Cunningham - SEN Champion


Year One Team

Y1E - Jenny Ewing – Classteacher. Read Write Inc Lead Teacher

Y1CW - Andrea Wright and Helen Collis - Classteachers.  (NB. Mrs Collis returns in Decemeber from Maternity Leave. Mrs Julie Hewitson will cover until then).

Jackie Hodgson - TA

Michelle Rusk - TA

Rachel Lancaster - TA


Year Two Team

Y2C - Sue Curtis – Classteacher. KS1 Phase Leader/Writing Team Leader

Y2J - Neil Jones - Classteacher & Assistant Head

Kath Boadey - HLTA

Andrea Baldwin - TA

Tara Johnson - TA

Elizabeth Ojuromi - TA


Year Three Team

Y3W - Jane Watts - Classteacher & Sports Lead Teacher

Y3BD - Hannah Doyle/Laura Beeley - Classteachers

Kelly Oliver - TA

Claire Spence - TA

Callum Atherton - Apprentice


Year Four Team

Y4T - Kim Tas - Classteacher

Y4R - Emma Roxburgh - Classteacher & Science Lead Teacher

Mrs Boadey - HLTA

Claire Spence - TA

Callum Atherton - Apprentice


Year Five Team

Y5G - Joanne Gemmell – Classteacher. Literacy & Language Lead Teacher

Dawn Molloy - HLTA

Joanne Donoghue - TA

Lynsay Moir - TA


Year Six Team

Cath Scott - Classteacher. Maths Lead Teacher

Laura Ward-Thompson – Classteacher.  

Dawn Molloy - HLTA

Sharon Craven – TA

Lynsay Moir - TA

Angela Clarke - TA 

Janet Jones - TA