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Curriculum - Summer Term


We will be working hard on improving as many skills as possible in our maths meetings, this will include place value, measures, shape, reviewing mathematical language, time, Roman numerals, fractions and lots of other things!

Our INSPIRE maths journey will continue and we are going to become masters of all fraction related facts. We will compare, convert, add and subtract fractions. After this we will work on angles, squares and rectangles.


Due to the national lockdown, we have transferred some of our Literacy for this term. We will now complete the Jeremy Strong unit this half term. We explore his work, focusing on one of his short stories.  The children will be encouraged to use this and other examples of his work to find out about his style.  They will explore how he uses humour, pace and excitement and will write their own episode of This is NOT a Fairy Tale.  In the non-fiction week, children will write a short biography of Anthony Horowitz and Jeremy Strong, investigating the features of this non -fiction text and using suitable grammar and punctuation to improve our writing. 

We will of course continue in our reading mission. The children have settled back quickly into the routine of reading. Look out for the reading challenges set by Mrs Molloy.


Our science topic this half term before we move on to the whole school conservation project will be "Materials",we will investigate the properties and uses of various materials. After revising our 'states of matter' knowledge we will work on dissolving and separating mixtures.

Creative Curriculum

We will be working on a brand new topic called 'Allotment'. This will involve learning about how people plant and harvest their own food by planting and harvesting our own! We will understand the importance of buying local and sample some local produce. Our map skills will be put to the test as we locate our school and the local allotments using Ordnance Survey maps. The art linked to this topic is based on Georgia O'Keeffe who is well known for her artwork based on the natural world. Keep your eye on Twitter to see our progress with our very own school allotment!