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Walking to School

We encourage our children to walk to school, or even part of the journey (if possible) each day.  This supports an active, healthy lifestyle and helps to make Maryville Road a safer place.

  • Children need the daily exercise that walking or cycling to school can provide.
  • Obesity is increasing and is related to inactive lifestyles, our children are amongst the most obese in Europe.
  • Regular exercise protects against heart disease, strokes and other related illnesses in later life.
  • Sense of wellbeing and achievement through increased independence, responsibility and confidence.
  • Reduced traffic fumes can help those with respiratory problems like asthma.
  • Research has proven that children learn better when they are prepared by exercise, healthy food and drink.

Information for pedestrians:

  • There is a pavement along Maryville Road and pedestrians should make sure that they use this safely and avoid spilling onto the road. Pupils walking in groups should take this into account and allow other users to pass safely, especially when heading to and from school.
  • Pedestrians should only access the school from the designated entry points at the front of the school (Maryville Road) Pedestrians need to recognize that these may be adjacent to vehicular access points that will be in use during peak times and should exercise caution.
  • Pedestrians should not use the vehicular access at any time. Please enter through the pedestrian gate. Entry into the school building is through the main set of double doors using the secure entry system.
  • Parents and children using Breakfast or After School Club should not enter the school car park in a car until after 4.30pm when the barrier is raised. Pedestrian access to the above clubs is via the main car park and parents are encouraged to escort their children across the car park safely.

Driving to school

We encourage you to walk part of your journey. There is no designated on-site drop off for pupils therfore, we advise parents/carers to park in  Prescot Leisure Centre car park and accompany their child(ren) to school .Please do not block the driveways of our neighbours. Please park safely and respectfully.  

FOR THE SAFETY OF CHILDREN, THE CARPARK IS FOR STAFF ONLY and not for dropping off/picking up children.  


The car park is often busy; however visitors should only park in available bays. Doing so will allow unrestricted movement of other vehicles during the school day or at peak times. If you are planning to stay all day, please use our 'long-stay' carpark, to the left of our barrier. You can access this car park until 8.15am and exit is allowed from 3.40pm.

Access into the school is only permitted from the main entrance on Maryville Road. Visitors need to press the security buzzer located by reception and wait for the buzzer to indicate the doors are open. All visitors must report to reception (on the right) and sign in before going anywhere in the school. Visitors may be required to leave a note of their registration number with staff. On departure, visitors should sign out at reception and leave the building by the main entrance door. 

If visitors need any advice on access or parking before their visit, please call the school reception on 0151 432 7100. 

Be Bright, Be Seen

If you’re a motorist then you’ll know how difficult it can sometimes be to see pedestrians wearing dark clothes at night or when visibility is poor. Your child has been learning the road safety message ‘Be Bright, Be Seen’ at school, and it’s important that you as a parent or carer help your child to be easily seen near traffic.