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Year 1 - Autumn Term

This Autumn our topic is ‘Bright Lights, Big City'. 

This project intends to teach our children about our country’s capital city. It aims to develop children’s
knowledge of key locations, transport, the Royal Family and contrasting places and events that have shaped
London’s past. The Great Fire of London will be explored in depth and its significance on modern day
London. Maps and locational knowledge central to this project and geographical comparison to other key
capital cities will be covered deepen children’s understanding of the concepts behind capital cities.


English is taught through our daily RWI lessons where the children develop their phonic knowledge, reading and writing skills.

Through our topic we will be writing instructions for making sandwiches, writing invitations and thank you notes. We will be making our own fact sheets about the Royal Family and famous London landmarks. We will be creating timelines and recounts of the Great Fire of London. We will be developing our story writing skills and making our own story about a trip to the capital.


We follow the Inspire Maths Scheme of work for maths. The key concepts that we will cover in the Autumn term are:

Numbers to 10

-Understanding numbers from 0-10

-Two sets of objects can be compared using the method of one-to-one correspondence

-The number of objects can be the same as, smaller than or greater than another set of objects

-A sequence of objects and number can form a pattern

Number bonds

-Adding two or more numbers gives another number

Addition within 10

-Adding is associated with the ‘part-whole’ and ‘adding on’ concepts

-Applying the ‘part-whole’ and ‘adding on’ concepts in addition.

Subtraction within 10

-Subtracting is associated with the ‘part-whole’ and ‘take away’ concepts

-Applying the ‘part-whole’ and ‘taking away’ concepts in subtraction

-A family of number sentences can be written from a set of three related numbers


We will learn about behaviour of evergreen and carnivorous trees. We will be looking at food and where it comes from- the food chain. We will be discussing food hygiene. We will discuss why the fire spread so quickly through buildings in the Great Fire of London, looking at the materials.


We will be learning about the Queen and the Royal Family and discussing family trees. We will be making timelines of key dates. We will also be finding out about the capital city, its history, its landmarks and The Great Fire of London.


We will be looking at maps, in particular of the UK, identifying countries and their capitals. We will learn all about our capital city London- transport and landmarks.


We will be looking at Christianity, learning about Harvest time and we will also learn about the first Christmas.


We will be learning and singing traditional song and rhymes ...London  Bridge, Oranges and Lemons, Pussy cat pussy cat and Ring o’ roses.

Art, Design & Technology

We are going to plan and design everything we need for our Royal Tea Party… invitations, bunting, places settings, food and our very own crowns.  We will be making representations of London transport and designing our own underground sign of a place that we have visited and can talk about.


We will be looking at people who look after us in the community.


We will be teaching core skills, teamwork, improving our personal best and listening to and following instructions.