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Prescot Primary School will administer medication that has been prescribed by your child's doctor or hospital. 

All medication must be brought by to the school office by an adult who will be asked to complete an 'Administration of medication' form, giving full instructions of dosage needed etc.

Please note:

  • Medicines that need to be taken three times a day could be taken in the morning, after school hours and at bedtime.
  • The school will not accept medication that has been taken out of the container that it was originally dispensed in and we will not make changes to the prescribed dosage on parental instruction.
  • The medication must be collected at the end of the school day by the parent/carer.
  • There is no legal or contractual duty on child-care settings or school staff to administer medicine or supervise a child taking it. This is a voluntary role.
  • Aspirin and Ibuprofen will not be administered to any child under 16 unless prescribed by a doctor.