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Curriculum - Summer Term



In Inspire Maths next term we will be using our knowledge and understanding of multiplication and division to solve word problems.  We will use a variety of strategies and concrete resources to support our thinking alongside drawing models to represent a problem situation. We will recall and apply division concepts within multiplication and apply addition and subtraction concepts to problem solving. Later on in the term we will be focusing on mental addition. We will be comparing and applying number bonds so please ensure your child is secure in this skill.

Please keep your eye out for information on parental workshops, coming to Prescot Primary school soon.


In Literacy and Language we will be exploring the world of science fiction through the story ‘A Tale of Two Robots’.  Children will be encouraged to develop empathetic responses to characters and an awareness of different points of view.   Children will write their own episode for the story.  In summer term 2, children will explore folktales using The Enchantress of the Sands ‘ and other stories to explore the key features, settings and dramatic language used.  Children will write a new folktale with a vivid setting, atmosphere and an exciting climax. 

Our non-fiction units this term will focus on biographies, auto-biographies and discussion texts.  This will encourage children to write for a range of different purposes using key structures and language.

We will be extending our literacy skills across all areas of the curriculum and through our topic Mighty Metals.  Children will get opportunities to write letters, instructions and poems.


In science this term as part of our Tremors topic we will be exploring the amazing world of rocks! Children will be able to name the three different types of rocks; igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. They will handle and examine rocks to identify their properties and will be able to state the four different types of matter that soil is composed of. They will be able to take part in and contribute towards an oral presentation of their observations. We will even become archaeologists and be exploring how fossils are formed and preserved through time, as well as the many varieties of soil!