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Rights Respecting School

Y6 Pupil Steering Group at work!

As we work towards the first stage on our 'Rights Respecting School' journey, the Y6 pupil steering group explored the many 'articles' that make up the rights of the child. They first answered the question 'Why are the rights of the child important?' There was an informed discussion about how children's lives would be if their rights were not acknowledged and how life was like for children back in time. 

The group went on to read some of the articles on UNICEF's summary of 'The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child', see attached. There were some tricky ideas here but  also some that the children instantly felt strongly about - the right to an education being one of them!

Our team will continue to explore this document and aim to share some of their ideas in one of our weekly assemblies. Well done, team.