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Songbird Success!

Our pupils, our conservationists.

Having built up to our 'Sing for Songbirds' exhibition for a month, the children were almost at bursting point. The hall was closed to little eyes and the teachers got to work in transforming it into an Indonesian rainforest. When the first children walked in to the finished exhibition, they could not believe what they were seeing. 

As the path led them around the 'forest' they came across different areas that had been filled with wonderful work by one year group after another. Excellent pieces of writing - letters, poems and information booklets - had been presented in such creative ways that visitors could not help but read them. Art work included textiles, sketches, painting and sculptures, all to raise awareness of these beautiful endangered creatures. The whole school had come together to campaign for the cause and what an amazing sight it was. Never had anything been done like this before.

Throughout each exhibition day,  every half hour, a different class would appear to perform on stage. We saw dances and heard singing that added such an amazing atmosphere to the forest. Outside in the corridor was a living history display - with two pupils acting in role as Muriel and June Mottershead, the daughters of Chester Zoo's founder. These girls showed visitors around Oakfield House and spoke informatively about its history and importance.

So many visitors came to see our exhibition, from families to colleagues in other schools, universities and the LA. Nobody could believe the high standard of work and creativity.

'Absolutely astounded by the hard work of all the staff and pupils. A project like this should be treasured and you have created many happy memories'.

'The children sang like songbirds, painted like artists and are obviously poets and authors too. Oh - and the actors - Oscar-winning!'

'We have been bowled over by the standard of writing and artwork. The singing from the choir was the icing on the cake!

So many wonderful comments filled our Visitors' Book. Thank you for visiting and helping us to spread the message. #breakthesilence