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Conservationists at the zoo!

Sunny days and songbirds...

This week has seen every class go to Chester Zoo to see some special songbirds up close. We have all been so impressed with the support given from the Education Team at the zoo and the information given around the site. Although it was hot and there is so much to see, all of our children got to visit 'The Islands' where the Indonesian songbirds live. 

In the 'free-flight' zone, we were able to see and hear the Bali Starling and some of us saw the Javan Green Magpies as they prepared for new arrivals. Our curious children asked some interesting questions and found out so much from the fact files and signs.

We know that visiting the zoo has consolidated the learning that has already happened in class and has deepened the connections that the children have made. The children now know that the plight of the songbirds is real and this adds purpose to their writing and other activities in school. #breakthesilence