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Looking to the future...

Careers Showcase 2018.

On Thursday we held our second annual Careers Showcase and what a great success it was!

This event aims to raise awareness of different careers and professions in order to ignite passion and aspiration in our children for their future roles in society. During the week, our children also explore what types of tasks are involved in certain careers and they begin to think about their own interests in relation to choosing a career themselves. We ask questions such as: 

  • Would you like to work indoors or outdoors?
  • Would you like to work with animals/people/computers?
  • Would you like to be active or more desk-based?
  • Would you like a physical/creative job?
  • Will you choose a job which requires certain qualifications or training?
  • Do you want to work near home or further away?
  • Do you want to go to university?

We were lucky to be supported by so many visitors who are passionate about their chosen careers. Thank you to:

Julie, The British Heart Foundation

Cathryn, HR Manager. Tetrapak

Claire, Detective. Merseyside Police

Stephen, PCSO. Lancashire Police

Tim, Angel Solutions

Sarah and Kerry from NHS

Odile, Odile & the Bijoux Box

Neil, Pilot. Norwegian Airlines

Richard, Lecturer. Liverpool Hope University

Ian, Plumber

Nick, Komaru Outdoors

David, Superdogs Dog Training

Steve, The Royal Mail

Olivia, Jo and Marukh, Trainee Teachers

Throughout the week, we also had a chance to meet Safari Rangers from Chester Zoo, Tax Experts from HMRC and Chris from Knowsley Social Care. The previous weeks have also seen visiting authors and a Stage Director! 

We hope that we have inspired our children to look hopefully and eagerly towards their futures.

Find out Careers Showcase movie here: