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Pass it on!

St Bernard's Primary visit to pass on the Conservation Baton.

Friday's assembly saw the launch of our whole school project: Sing for Songbirds. We were joined by four 'Songbird Ambassadors' from St Bernard's Primary in Ellesmere Port, a school that explored this project so successfully last year. St Bernard's passed on the campaign baton - which in this case is a cuddly Bali Starling - and we will have the honour of passing it on to another environmentally-aware school next year.

The pupil conservationists from 'St B's' spoke in assembly and told our children how important it is to educate our community - and the world - about the plight of the Indonesian songbirds. They spoke passionately about their visits to Chester Zoo and the activities they took part in in order to spread the word. Our 'Zooples' listened and asked great questions that will help us to plan our project. 

The children ate lunch and played out together, hopefully building friendships that will last longer than just one day. We hope to see St B's back again when our final exhibition opens in July and - in the meantime, we can blog and write to them to keep them updated.

Exciting times!