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Safari Rangers & Songbirds

Sad news from the forests falling silent...

Bella and Adele, the Chester Zoo Safari Rangers, have recently been to school to deliver workshops that support our upcoming 'Sing for Songbirds' project. 

The children were able to create origami songbirds, such as the Javan Green Magpie and the Blackwing Starling. The children also practised their tweeting and chirping. However, as the story of the risk to the songbirds was told, the children were asked to place their songbird in a cage.

One by one, the birds were trapped and the chirping stopped. This was such a powerful yet supportive way of explaining how endangered the Indonesian songbirds are and why. 

These workshops have been an excellent start to our Songbird project and the children are beginning to see ways that they will be able to help. We can't wait!