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Pupil Leaders get ready to fight for a cause!

We are very excited about our whole school summer curriculum project! We aim to develop our approach towards curriculum planning by strengthening links between subjects whilst working towards a deeper understanding of conservation and sustainability. We want our children to take the lead as custodians of their planet; we want them to 'be bothered'.

In preparation for this, we asked children to apply to be  ZOOPLES, (Noun: a pupil who wants to lead and encourage others to engage with conservation issues). We had many applications and were able to announce the lucky Zooples on Friday.

Here are some comments from their applications:

'I would love to protect the habitats as my love of the animals and the places they live have made me decide to be a zoo-keeper'. Jack, Y3.

'I take responsibility for looking after my pets and I handle animals carefully'. Harriet, Y4.

'I will be a proud Zoople and will present ideas well to adults and other visitors.' Isabelle, Y4.

'Animals need looking after because they cannot speak for themselves.' Charlotte, Y4.

'I'm resourceful and very interested in protecting the world.'  Ryan, Y5


We are so happy that parents have registered their interest as ZOOPPs too! If you would like to join in, ring our main office on 0151 432 7100.