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Applications come flooding in!

We are looking forward to our exciting summer zoo project, in which we will be working with Chester Zoo to explore and fight for a conservation cause - yet to be revealed! We believe that our children should see themselves as custodians of our planet; we want to see them grow as global citizens. 

Throughout this project, we want to see the children planning and leading activities and sharing news of the project with their peers, their families, the local community - and with the world! This is quite a responsibility and we want to find some children who could be pupil leaders in this project.

These leaders will be known as ZOOPLES! (Pupils who support our Zoo Project - we love making up new words!)

So far, we have received many applications from children who have a passion for protecting the natural world, how will we ever choose?

Thank you also goes to the family members who have already signed up to be ZOOPPs - members of our Zoo Parent Partnership.

This is going to be an amazing experience for the whole school community!