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World Book Week Focus

Words, words, words...

During World Book Week, we explored the book 'The Lost Words' by Robert MacFarlane and Jackie Morris. These beautiful nature acrostic poems blend words that have been 'lost' from the English language. Our children read the poems and discussed the effects of the words and then re-created the beautiful illustrations in different ways.

Alongside this book, we read 'The Word Collector' by Peter.H.Reynolds. This beautifully simple story shows us how powerful words can be and how we become more powerful when we know - or 'collect' more words and share them with others. Each child chose their favourite word - one that they wouldn't want to lose; these included: infinity, geometry, slime, family, chocolate and LIFE. It was great to hear the children explain why that word had been chosen.

As we love tweeting, we were able to connect with Peter Reynolds - who liked our tweet, and Jackie Morris who replied that @Y5Prescot had painted some 'beautiful ' illustrations which she would show to @RobGMacfarlane when 'he's back from far away land.' Brilliant!