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Apple Visitors!

Helping us to look ahead!

Although Craig Smith has visited us before many times as our Apple 'Mentor', it was lovely to welcome a new face - Bradley Pfau, who had flown in from Switzerland to support our Apple thinking. Throughout the day, the team discussed Prescot Primary's journey in relation to Apple's Five Best Practices of: 

  • Vision
  • Student Learning
  • Professional Learning
  • Measurement
  • Environment Design

Bradley and Craig also spoke to Y5 and Y6 children who confidently explained how they feel the iPad helps them in their learning. Comments ranged from "I love sharing my work by airplaying to the TV," to "We can all work on Google Slides together - even at home."

The use of Google Classroom has changed what we do dramatically in Y3 to Y6. It has allowed rapid workflow and a greater independence. Developing this and other ideas will now be part of our future plans. Thanks to everyone involved in our 'Education Strategic Planning Day'.