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Learning memories

Engagement with learning

This half term has been packed full of exciting learning opportunities for our children.

Y6 had an amazing day exploring World War 2 in Britain. The activities brought the era to life, with time to experience the sights and sounds of the Blitz. Children were also able to handle historical artefacts, asking questions and drawing conclusions from the objects. This was an invaluable and unforgettable experience for our Sharks.

Y4 Unicorns also enjoyed a similar day whilst immersed in a different era: Ancient Rome. During their day, they re-enacted a Roman invasion and created the different attacking formations. They too investigated various artefacts and sources. 

Y1 Tigers had an amazing day when Sophie the Dinosaur came to see us! The children could not believe their eyes when she appeared in the school hall - a truly magical moment. This activity also builds on the children's categorising skills and offers opportunities for them to use ambitious language. Just brilliant.

And finally, Y2 Kangaroos have done a spectacular job of planting our new willow tunnel. This was expertly woven by the children and should grow into their very own tunnel, with hours of fun to be had. 

Memories to last a lifetime!