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Unicorns go to Colomendy!

Unicorns go to Kingswood Colomendy!

This month has seen our very first Y4 Residential to Kingswood Colomendy, near Mold. We have wanted to plan in this trip for a long time and we are so glad that it became a reality this year.

We arrived to see snow falling on the hills and although the weather continued to be cold, our children found their resilience and carried on regardless. We were very impressed with Y4's spirit of adventure, their growing independence and the support that they showed each other when on each activity. The children built buggies, completed a 'nightline', sang around the campfire, mastered 'Jacob's Ladder' and braved the climbing wall. All this whilst - for some - experiencing their first time away from home.

Find more photos using the hashtag: #pcpkingswood20

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