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EYFS Highlights

It's been a busy term!

This article has been researched and written by our Blue House Leaders, Sienna and Harriet.

Nursery went on a magical walk to the special Christmas post box. Matthew and Gabryella talked about the magical postbox, with excitement. They told us,“It was magical, it had glitter and tinsel. It was very exciting. We loved walking to the magic postbox with our friends. We had cookies and mince pies to eat in nursery. Footsteps were everywhere when got back to nursery, we think it was Santa. We could put our hands in the glitter. The glitter was red and yellow.”

Nursery children have also loved exploring the school grounds this term, looking at the changing seasons. Harry could tell us all about Autumn, “The leaves fall off the trees and it gets colder.”

In Reception, Tilly and Charlie told us about the balance bike session and said, “We loved going on the balance bikes, we learnt how to ride bikes with two wheels.  There were instructors to teach us. We got off and on without stabilisers. It was scary at first, but fun and the instructors were funny too!”

Nursery and Reception have also enjoyed telling us about their nativity, The Sleepy Shepherd. Jude said, “We liked singing and the sheep were running around. Our favourite songs are the sheep song and the camel song. We liked doing our lines!”

The nativity was an amazing performance, all the children were great and we can’t believe they are only 3, 4, and 5 years old! Well done to our Early Years Reception and Nursery.