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Favourite 5

The Reading Journey @PrescotPrimary

Reading is at the heart of everything we do in school. We want all of our children to be confident, engaged readers who can talk about their books, read aloud and make connections between  stories. There are many ways in which we promote the love of reading in school - but this year we are trying something new!

Each year group in school, from Nursery to Y6 have chosen their 'Favourite 5' texts that will be shared, read and revisited again and again during the year. We want the children to grow to love these stories, poems or speeches; to know them off-by-heart, to retell them, relate to them and make links with stories they have read before. These choices may support projects or genres being studied throughout the year or they may highlight important cultural, social or emotional issues that are understood best when told through a story.

By planning this route through fairy tales, classic stories and modern texts, it is our aim that our children will leave us in Y6 having a good understanding of these 40 pieces of literature - and they will remember them for a long time to come.