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Year 1 go fossil-hunting!

There was such excitement in school on Friday when an enormous T-Rex appeared in the corridor!

Year 1 have been exploring the world of dinosaurs this term. They have been classifying and describing, counting and measuring. The children have researched lots of facts and have been able to explain the strengths of each species. They have even been 'Dino-dentists', examining the shape of teeth and talking about their function.

After all this study, imagine how amazed the children were to meet Sophie the T-Rex and Jack, the baby Velociraptor! These animatronic creatures brought learning to life as the children watched their every move and heard their life-like sounds. Such a memorable experience!

After their meeting with dinosaurs, the children went on to dig for fossils, once again categorising what they found and matching fossils with similar characteristics.

Although not always as unusual as this, we do strive to ensure that every curriculum project includes a memorable experience - we believe that this helps learning to 'stick'.