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Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education is the 'lifeskills' curriculum; it helps to develop happy individuals, confident family members and valued members of the community as children and as adults. 

At Prescot Primary we teach PSHE throughout the curriculum. From Nursery to Y6, children cover themes such as:

  • Friendship and Healthy Relationships
  • Digital reputation and responsibility
  • Growing up (including Sex & Relationship Education in Y5 and Y6)
  •  Health and wellbeing, including mental health
  • Diversity and respect for difference
  • Money matters
  • Careers and future qualifications
  • Relationships & Sex  Education (Y5 and Y6)

We enjoy whole school projects that bring us together, such as 'Enterprise' and 'The world of work', and love having visitors in to speak to us.

Additionally, each class also explores the life of a 'rebel hero' - someone who took risks, fought adversity or stood up for the rights of others, someone significant who can teach us so much about using our voices for good. Here are some of our 'heroes':

Underpinning our PSHE curriculum are the school values, which were voted for by the children and staff. Encompassing them all is the idea that we want everyone to 'be bothered'.

These help to lead assemblies and circle time, focus the work of the School Council and support our Behaviour Policy.

We recognise that our children are the adults of tomorrow. PSHE plays a vital role in their formative years.

Come in to look at our floorbooks that show the work our children do to keep their Hearts, Minds and Health in tiptop shape!