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Home Learning

Please click on your classes to access work from home. You may also want to look at work that is in folders for other year groups.

There are also ideas below that are good for ALL year groups.



One very important element of our school curriculum is TALK. To keep this emphasis going, we would like children to prepare a presentation that they can present to adults at home, or to their class on their return to school. We have listed the themes for this speech below. Children can add to their presentation by making posters, powerpoints (keynotes) or artefacts to support their speech. If you like, you could record their presentation and share via Twitter on their class Twitter feed.

Presentations can be as long as your child would like it to be, but no longer than 5 minutes.

EYFS: All about me

Year 1: Dinosaurs

Year 2: Towers, Tunnels $ Turrets

Year 3: Tribal Tales

Year 4: 1066

Year 5: Pharoahs

Year 6: A Child's War (World War 2)



Another very important element of our curriculum is READING. All children have a myOn reading login which Y3 to Y6 can access on their iPads. Younger children can access via an older sibling's iPad or on a PC/other mobile device. Each year group will have myOn projects set by their teacher to match past or future projects.

Sign in here:

Y3 to Y6 can also continue with Accelerated Reader books and quizzes. Most books can be found on this system and can continue with books you have at home. 

Y3 to Y6 also have a weekly First News digital newspaper to read, with articles and linked activities.

All children could work at home to learn a poem off by heart and share on Twitter.

All children can practise alphabet and dictionary work - order words, find out what they mean. This can be a daily activity.

If your child wants to complete a WRITING task, either by hand or on a digital device, please find daily, good quality writing prompts here:

Your child can plan their piece of writing around the story starter and can complete a number of activities depending on their stage.



Lots of MATHS concepts are best learned through real-life situations at home. Some can be found in the packs for each year group but parents can also think about completing daily TIME, MONEY and MEASURE activities.

Children can also complete daily Times Tables Rock Stars practice on their iPads or PC/mobile device at home.

Sign in here:

This is also a good website for Times Tables practice:

This is a link to some online lessons, more are being added regularly



Even at home children can be active. Improving fine motor skills through sewing, threading, tying laces or moving small objects from one pot to another are great tasks to do. Master the art of chopsticks or create your own set of stacking cups at home. Maybe play hop=scotch if you have space or set up a game of table football!

Or,if you fancy doing some calming yoga, this is a good place to start:


Other free resources for all year groups and subject areas: