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Governor Vacancies

The Governing Board is required to be constituted under the School Governance (Constitution) (England) Regulations 2012,  and follows the statutory guidance in relation to the size, membership and skills of the board.

The Governing Board currently has the following vacancies:

  • Co-opted Governor 
  •  Local Authority Governor
  • Parent Governor

A Co-opted Governor is appointed by the governing board.  A Local Authority Governor is nominated by the LA and appointed by the Governing Board. They are people who in the opinion of the governing board have the skills required to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school. 

The Board is  seeking someone who has some or all of the following skills and experiences to enhance those of current Board members:

  • Committed to improving the education and welfare for all pupils here at Prescot Community Primary School
  • Experience of being a governor/trustee in another school or being a board member in another sector
  • Willing to devote time, enthusiasm and effort to the duties and responsibilities of a school governor
  • Experience of analysing and interpreting  data in order to evaluate performance and identify trends to target improvement
  • Experience of financial management  and the interpretation of budget monitoring information in order to ensure integrity of financial information received and to establish robust financial controls 
  • A strong communicator and committed to building strong collaborative relationships
  • Willing to reflect, listen and learn from a diversity of views, to receive and provide feedback and accept impartial advice
  • A commitment to ongoing personal development and attendance at training

School Governors are volunteers and give their time, commitment and skills freely. Governors attend a minimum of three meetings every term in school which last approximately 2 hours in the evening and will require preparation by reading papers (see meeting schedule for frequency of meetings).  Following an induction governors have access to high quality training to enable them to develop their skills and knowledge, much of which can be easily transferred to many employment situations. 

Being a School Governor is a recognised Public Service Role and as such entitles people to time off work. You should discuss this with your employer as it is the employers decision as to whether this is paid time off. The vast majority of employers do support this essential voluntary role, recognising the contribution it makes to the organisations Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). 

There is an expectation that on election you will be willing to:

  • undertake appropriate induction training
  • prepare for and attend all meetings regularly
  • be an active member of the board and engage fully in all aspects of school governance including any allocated lead governor roles
  • be willing to undertake further/ongoing training to develop your skills.

For further information please contact the Headteacher Mr George or the Chair of Governors Mrs Hurst-Robson.