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Curriculum - Spring Term


This term the children will be focusing on multiplication and division using 'Inspire Maths', they will be learning about mixed numbers and improper fractions and how to convert between the two. They will then move on to looking at adding and subtracting fractions with related denominators. Then finally, learn about fractions of a set and word problems. After this, the children will then look at angles and compass points. Please encourage your children to practise all the timestables using this link to help - ttrocktars.


Following on from last term, we will be continuing with out Lit & Lang programme. We will start the year on Unit 3. In this unt, children read a story in rhyming verse. They use drama and discussion to tease out some of the serious issues behind the humour in Kaye Umansky's engaging tale of 'The Bogey Men and the Trolls next door'. We will be looking closely at adding powerful adverbs and adjectives to our writing, writing in the first person past tense and using brackets to add extra information. Our Non-fiction looks at explanation texts. The children will build on previous knowledge of the language and organisational features of explanation texts and will explore visual, verbal and written examples. 

In Unit 4 the children will explore a playscipt 'The Fly and the Fool' by Lou Kuenzler. They will explore the play's setting, Vietnam. They will be looking at the characters and explore the difference between how they see themselves and how others see them. The children will be writing a new ending for a new play based on the traditional tale Rumplestiltskin.  Our Non-fiction topic focuses on developing children's ability to evaluate evidence. They will read an explanation about how the police use different sorts of evidence to prove who has committed a crime. The children will also 'get into role'  and will present evidence in a court room! They will weigh up which pieces of evidence will be the most useful in proving who committed the crime. 


States of Matter- Learning about the water cycle and the processes of melting and cooling. The children will learn about solids, liquids and gasses and how to differentiate between the three due to their particle arrangements. Children will undertake investigations based upon heating and cooling and will have a go at creating their own mini water worlds to watch the water cycle in action.

Animals including humans and teeth -This unit focuses on the digestive system in humans and animals and the functions of teeth. Children will learn more about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores in the context of teeth, digestion and the food chain. In addition, they will extend their understanding of food chains to more complex chains and food webs.

Shakespeare- A Midsummer Nights Dream

As part of our Lotions and Potions topic we will be studying and performing William Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Nights Dream'. Working in collaboration with The Heath and partnering schools to perform at the Shakespeare festival. The children will take part in ten workshops to develop their performance, creating their own musical motifs to support the show. The children will be putting their drama skills to the test and we fully immerse ourselves into the world of Shakespeare and theatre. 


Our topic this term will focus on creating lotion bottles for Puck (a character from 'A Midsummer Nights Dream'. Designing theatre props and scenary aswell as developing their own scenes from the play using IPads.


This term  all the children will continue to work with Mr Brown and learn some Samba! They will learn how to read music, pick out a rhythm and listen out for different pitches in music.  All the children will perform a Samba piece with 5 independent parts, including a 3:2 clave rhythm and complex call and response. They will  have experience playing Surdu drums, Tambourims, Agogos, cowbells, claves and shakers.


This Buddhism unit will teach the children about key aspects of the Buddhist faith. The children will work creatively to enhance their learning experience. They will find out where Buddhism originated, about special places linked to Buddhism and about key festivals in Buddhist life. The children will also learn about symbols in Buddhism, the Buddhist holy book and the main beliefs held by Buddhists.